Machine Prototyping That Saves You Time & Money

We provide our customers high-precision machine prototyping that’s as ready for the real world as possible. Our expert technicians will work with your team to turn ideas and concepts into high-functioning components that are immediately ready to test in your lab or have reviewed by your marketing team. Right from initial concept, we’ll collaborate with you, providing crucial industry insights and best practices.

Any successful final product starts with a realistic prototype, which means it must be made using the material that will be used during production. Westlake Tool & Die has the capability to source any type of material as well as the expertise to build cost-effective prototype tooling.

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Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for flexibility throughout the prototyping phase. It ensures we can quickly react to changes in plans and prove out additional parts without starting the entire process over. Once your prototype is created, we’ll conduct a feasibility study to test whether it functions properly, eliminating any surprises.

Simply put, we have the years of knowledge and the experience it takes to create a custom prototype of any metal stamped or welded component. When you choose us to be your full-service manufacturing partner—from prototyping, tool and die design and construction to production—you’ll get the best final product. Here’s why you should choose us for all of your prototyping needs:

Save Time With Machine Prototyping

  • We can identify improvement opportunities immediately, even during the design stage.
  • We can address potential challenges at any stage in prototype development and clearly communicate them to your team.
  • We become product experts who can assist in the entire development process.
  • Prototypes that are ready for the real world greatly lower the potential for errors or delays to be introduced at any project stage.
  • We can import your CAD files directly into our system, eliminating conversion time on your end.

Save Money With Machine Prototyping

  • We can make cost-effective production or material suggestions early on in the process.
  • Overall material cost is reduced when the proper material is used in your prototype.
  • Tooling costs are significantly reduced when we’re involved at the beginning of your development process.
  • The total cost of each project is greatly reduced.

When Westlake Tool & Die creates your prototype you can be sure we will help your final product get to the market in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible.

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