Stamping, Welding & Assembly
in Cleveland, Ohio

A Custom, Full-Service Approach to Metal Stamping, Welding & Assembly That Delivers Fast, Impactful Results


We can stamp, deep-draw and form the most custom, complex parts and work with your team to develop a cost-effective program that ensures your project stays on schedule and within budget. All of our tooling is designed and built in-house by expert journeyman tool and die makers. Trust the Cleveland metal stamping experts at Westlake Tool & Die for all your tool and die manufacturing needs.

In-House Prototyping

High-quality in-house prototyping saves you money in the long run and greatly shortens product development. We understand that creating realistic prototypes drives everything else, and we combine our years of metal stamping tooling knowledge with state-of-the-art equipment to skillfully do it under our roof.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Our extensive expertise as metal stamping die manufacturers has exceeded customer expectations and built strong relationships across a number of industries. Whether you’re in food processing and need high-quality food-grade stainless steel stamped components or a designer of drain-cleaning equipment who needs a complex accessory to relieve a clogged drain, we’ve got you covered.


The satisfaction of our customers, employees and vendors is what has driven our success for nearly 50 years as a Cleveland metal stamping and tool and die manufacturing company. We deliver our full suite of custom tool and die services with a personal touch because we realize that flexibility, understanding and partnership are just as important as expertise when providing any of our services.

Customer-First Service & Extensive In-House Capabilities

At Westlake Tool & Die, our customers come first. We’re a quality tool and die manufacturing company that partners with you to ensure your products get to market faster and at an optimal cost. From in-house prototyping, tool and die building and metal stamping to robotic welding, assembly and delivery, each of our many in-house capabilities is carried out with your needs at the forefront. This is why we have decades-long business relationships—our service-oriented point of view creates unique, fast and comprehensive solutions for each and every customer.

We’ve been exceeding the expectations of our Cleveland tool and die customers since 1968, and we’re proud of each success story. 

Tool & Die Manufacturing Plant

“Westlake Tool & Die has become our go-to shop, not only for complex production parts, but also detailed prototypes. We save time and money on potentially unnecessary design iterations, and our engineers continue to gain knowledge from the feedback provided from Westlake Tool & Die’s experienced staff, all while getting better, less costly components for our production needs.”

– Tom, Product Development Engineer